3D Printing curriculum for schools

“Learnbylayers is the solution to teaching 3D printing in the classroom. Trusted by schools around the world, our curriculum will teach your students 3D printing. From beginner tutorials, to intermediate and advanced lessons, learnbylayers teaches students to become confident in 3D Printing. The curriculum is fully editable with downloadable teaching and learning resources such as power points, printable worksheets, homework tasks, answer sheets, design challenges, video tutorials and final assessments.
All lesson packs come with example files to 3D print to support the delivery of the curriculum. Also design challenges are differentiated to allow all students to make progress in class regardless of their ability. As part of the lesson resources, students will learn 3D CAD and how to create their own models to 3D print using TinkerCAD and Fusion360 (both free for education). There are over 280 resources published as part of the curriculum that allow the lessons to be taught straight ‘out of the box’. Minimal planning is needed and lessons can be used with any brand of 3D printer. “

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