3D Printing in Education & Creating Your Lesson Plan [Step by Step]

“In this guide you’re going to learn why 3D printing is relevant to education and how to make it relevant to your students or children of any age (suitable for elementary and primary). Covering how to get started, including if you should allocate budget to one expensive 3D printer in school or multiple cheap printers.

We won’t give a run down of the best 3D printers for education, but we’ll explain what you should look for when making the decision.

We’ll also cover how to budget projects and break down some engaging 3D printing lesson plan ideas relevant to a variety of subjects so that you can get started with exciting students of all ages through 3D printing school projects.

Then I’ll explain the process to get students involved in the (previously daunting) CAD design phase. This is more than 3D printing ideas for students; I’ll address how to progress the learning while being respectful to your short 1 hour lesson time slots.”

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