More Than Prototypes: A Look at the 3D Printing Industry

“Manufacturing plays an essential role in the lives of many entrepreneurs and small business owners. As technology continues to improve, new methods of manufacturing continue to emerge. Among these relatively new methods is 3D printing, and its widespread use in manufacturing has grown in recent years.

Just because 3D printing is an exciting way to manufacture doesn’t mean it makes sense for your business. There are still issues regarding cost and speed. In addition to the drawbacks, rumors constantly pop up discussing “the next big thing” in 3D printing. A quick Google search yields clickbait headlines talking about the best new inventions brought about by 3D printing, but many of these are years away from actually coming to the market.

With a lot of misinformation surrounding the future of 3D printing, we turned to experts to develop a clearer picture of how 3D printing can help your business and determine what the future of 3D printing holds.”

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