3D Printed Community for Homeless Coming to Latin America

“New Story, a housing charity, is creating a 3D printed community for the homeless in Latin America. The residents of the community will be families earning less than $200 per month.

3D printing could hold the answer to reducing homelessness. This is the hope of  New Story, a housing charity, which recently collaborated with Icon, a branding firm, and fuseproject, an industrial design firm, to create the world’s first 3D printed community.

The companies worked on designing small houses which will be 3D printed in Latin America in the coming months. Residents of the 3D printed homes will be families who earn less than $200 a month. Since the beginning of the process, they have been involved in the home designs, community layout, land selection, and planning process.

“We feel it’s our responsibility to challenge traditional methods. Linear methods will never reach the billion+ people who need safe homes,” explains CEO of New Story, Brett Hagler. “Challenging our assumptions, iterating based on data, and taking calculated risks on innovative ideas allows us to reach more families with the best possible solutions, exponentially faster.”

New Story has been working on ending global homelessness since 2014. This is one of its first forays into using 3D printing. It comes after the success of Icon and New Story’s first 3D printed home which they revealed at SXSW 2018, and it’s unlikely to be the last due to the technology’s ability to create cheap homes quickly.”

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