Carpenter Technology launches additive manufacturing business unit

“Carpenter Technology Corporation has announced the establishment of its Carpenter Additive business unit, which will assist companies through the design and production of additively manufactured (AM) parts.

The company has long been a developer and distributer of stainless steels and specialty alloys, and in more recent years has invested big in additive manufacturing, most notably was its $81m acquisition of LPW Technology last year. It has supplied metals to users of AM technologies since the beginning, and now with the capabilities to design, prototype, produce, post-processing, and inspection capabilities, is dedicating an entire business unit to help companies into full scale additive manufacturing.

It will work side by side with manufacturers to identify where 3D printing technologies can be applied within their business and product portfolio and establish a roadmap towards end-use production accordingly. Carpenter Additive’s team will help to select and qualify materials, or even develop a novel material, help with the design and design validation, and harnessing its AM equipment to print the part. The company has machining, heat-treatment, and HIP capabilities for the post-processing phase, and the capacity to inspect the part before clearing it for use.”

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