Porsche Technician Wins 2019 3D Printing Project Award

“Benjamin Nenert, a designer and specialized technician of Porsche vehicles, won the 3D Printing Project Award for his design of a 1983 Porsche engine component.

Benjamin Nenert’s day job as a designer and specialized technician for Porsche in France just helped him win a new award in 3D printing.

The 3D Printing Project Award launched on social media in April and was created by Weerg, an Italian 3D printing and CNC provider.

Nenert’s winning project is a 3D printed component for a 1983 Porsche engine, which he won a €500 voucher to use on the Weerg website.

The tinkerer also runs a side-business called “Ben Auto Design” which repairs and refurbs vintage Porsches with the help of 3D printing.”

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