The most important announcements and news from the last week of April in the 3D printing industry: Here are the newest machines, applications and strategic business moves.

“This week in 3D printing sees new introductions on several fronts. New and newly available 3D printers promise advanced capabilities. Applications and installations are rising, particularly in medical use. Finally, some business decisions are hinting at future trends for strategies.

Two 3D printers new to the market focus on offering more advanced options for users.

Robotfactory, which offers the Sliding-3D system with an infinite build platform thanks to its clever conveyor belt setup, is looking to up the 3D printer’s offerings. The new Sliding-3D PLUS brings high-temperature capabilities to the conveyor. While the Sliding-3D Standard system has a nozzle that can reach up to 280°C, the new PLUS adds another 200° to that. Coupled with a new belt that can withstand temperatures up to 130°C, the PLUS is said to be able to handle high-temperature materials. Robotfactory notes among them Carbon Fiber, Glass Fiber, PPS, Thermec, PEEK, and ULTEM, for example. While most high-temperature 3D printers do also include an enclosure to ensure consistent temperatures during the build, the Sliding-3D PLUS does not — though the Sliding-3D BOX is available and would likely be a good idea to help regulate the printing environment. Both the Standard and PLUS versions of the Sliding-3D print at a 45° angle, negating the need in many cases for supports, and offer a print volume of 410mm x 380mm x ∞.”

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