Office Depot Collaborates with 3Doodler to Launch Educational 3D Printing Kit

“Office Depot is launching four new education-focused kits, one of which will teach kids about the wonders of 3D printing thanks to a collaboration with 3Doodler.

Office Depot, an American office supplies company, has announced the launch four new education-focused activity kits called Juku in a press release. For one of the kits, Office Depot teamed up with 3Doodler which created a new 3D printing pen to be part of one of the exclusive Juku STEAM kits.

“3Doodler has cultivated a market for handheld 3D printing products that make this exciting new technology accessible for everybody,” said Nicole Lord, a senior director of private brand growth for Office Depot. “This partnership will introduce Office Depot customers to the magic of 3D printing pens and their infinite creative possibilities through Juku.””

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