Ultimaker Cura 4.1 Improves Upon Existing Tools

Just last week, Ultimaker launched the beta version of Cura 4.1. However, the stable version is now available to download boasting improvements to print preparation software and expert-configured print profiles.

Only a few weeks ago, Ultimaker launched the stable version of Cura 4.0, last week it launched the beta version of Cura 4.1, and now the stable version is already available to download.

These regular updates to the free, open-source 3D printing slicer make it one of the most popular options for both beginners and professionals.

Ultimaker explains in a blog post: “This new and improved print preparation software packs a powerful 3D slicing engine into a simple, intuitive interface, with cloud connectivity, expert-configured print profiles for advanced 3D printing materials, multi-language support, and much more.”

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