Intellectual Outputs


Output coordinator - LU

Comprehensive study on technology transfer in the additive manufacturing industrial environment through technology entrepreneurship education methods

IO1 - Final Draft



Output coordinator - PCZ

Business Plan Road-map for the future engineer as an entrepreneur

IO2 - Final Book

upb 2


Output coordinator - UPB

Curriculum Workbook for Intensive Summer Training Course – Technology Entrepreneurial thinking for bridging the gap between Education, Technology Research and the Business environment

IO3 Final Draft

LU 2


Output coordinator - LU

3D Printing Guide for Successful Business Development

IO4 - Intermediary Draft


Output coordinator - UPB

Training program and Open e-learning content for transferring research and innovation into the industrial environment through entrepreneurship education

IO5 - Pilot Application

Engineering Building - University of Lancaster


Output coordinator - LU

Open Multimedia Handbook for project based learning of technology entrepreneurship for HE students and SME trainees

IO6 - Intermediary Draft


Output coordinator - ULBS

Open Interactive Platform for creating and developing an Entrepreneurship Hub, by Transferring Research and Innovation in the industrial environment

IO7 - OIP Alfa version