Mission & Objectives



Develop and promote innovative teaching methods in the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies and technological entrepreneurship.


Develop an interactive platform for project based and blended learning equally used by companies, universities and students alike.

Business literacy

Encourage and support students to develop their entrepreneurial skills by showcasing the importance of AM technology in business development.


Objective 1

Increasing the number of non-business students – attending a technical faculty – who benefit from innovative training approaches and increasing level of digital competences, by using a curricula that meet their learning needs and are also relevant to the labour market and societal needs, including better use of open and on-line, blended, work-based, open web-based interactive platforms, multi-disciplinary learning, and open interactive digital content, and providing more attractive training programmes, in line with individual needs and expectations and also with the new Industry 4.0 concept, focused on use of AM technologies for successful smart products development as subject of new business opportunities.


Increasing the AM technologies literacy, development of relevant and high-quality competences, and entrepreneurial ability to develop start-ups starting from an idea of innovative Customized Smart Product – using AM technologies – by students enrolled at technical universities, in the context of the internationalization of activities and work within interdisciplinary and multinational teams, in a project-based learning system, emphasizing technology entrepreneurial techniques, commercialization and selling of technology based ideas, and patenting and protecting technology based ideas.

Objective 3

The use of AM technologies to cover broad subjects of high interest to the European community: foster employability, develop / disseminate tools for the assessment of cutting edge technical competences, as well as actions that apply “learning outcomes”.


Developing an on-line community that actively participates in the continuous development of the digital educational materials and of AM solutions and projects, as part of Industry 4.0 revolution. Build an on-line system that transforms technology entrepreneurship education into a continuous development process, with the goal of creating an educational platform and an open source community where all intellectual outputs developed within the project are freely available.