Open Interactive Platform

The TECHUB 4.0 project brings the new Open Interactive Platform designed to be used equally by companies, by universities and by students. It will aggregate the demand and offer for internships developed in the scope of developing projects anchored in the day-to-day business activity to solve concrete problems, but at the same time respecting all the economic constraints imposed on a business at beginning of its life. Thus, such a project will have both technical and entrepreneurial part – equivalent to a reduced business plan.
The digital content of the platform blends in harmony with the curriculum of the training program, starting from the observation that, for a technical university, integration of entrepreneurship into the curriculum needs to be the vision of the institution as part of its mission. Thus, the intensive training program of the project will later be used as a module in curriculum of study programs from at least two partner universities.

Univeristy Politehnica of Bucharest – Job Fair